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Package Your Product!

Create a Marketable Product

It's simple and affordable to package your product for profit!

  • Do you have an idea for a secret recipe or meal?
  • Do people often say, "Your idea could make millions"?
  • "If you've always wanted to start your own food business but don't know where to start, Food Trade Consultants can provide you with the tools and information you need to bring your food recipe or idea to consumers."

Food Trade Consultants™ knows the Food and Beverage Industry inside and out. We offer tailored programs for aspiring entrepreneurs, including Chefs, Caterers, and Restaurant Owners who are ready to step into the commercial food manufacturing industry with a fresh or top secret heirloom recipe.

Our purpose is to get you in the industry through step-by-step coaching. We will take you through the process and show you how to turn your idea into a recipe that is certified, FDA compliant, properly packaged, and ready to be sold to consumers.

FTC makes it possible for you to enter the commercial food business. As your trusted consultants, we offer the guidance and information required to safely and economically turn your top secret recipe into a certified, industry-standard product. We will help you connect with co-packers and certified kitchen, and will help you create test batches. We will also provide you with the proper laboratory food testing and services you need to become FDA compliant. What's more, we help create your Nutritional Facts Statement, Weights & Measures Statement, Ingredients Statement, and other vital documents you need to complete the product of your product.

This amazing course offered through FTC helps people create any food product for retail and wholesale markets. Whether you want to market your product to gourmet markets, grocery stores, hotels and restaurants, online dealers, country clubs, food distributors or sell it on your own, this course will get you there. We invite you to follow the steps we've provided in order to not only market your market, but also keep it legally sage and secure. You will also be DFA compliant and save on thousands of dollars in start-up costs.

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We provide several packages and tailored services to meet your unique needs and budget. To learn more about our services or to get a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, click here.

We use tried and true methods that have been used in the real world by top food manufacturers. We offer traditional, efficient, proven business start-up methods and strategies that are meant to reduce financial risk and teach you how to get your recipe packages and prepared for the mass marketplace.

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